What Is Patch Management?

Published Jun 4, 2020 11:09:38 AM in Tech News

Patch management is the method your organization uses to keep end-users’ software up to date and secure.

Patch Management Definition

For organizations dealing with an increasingly remote solution for work and education, patch management is a must-have. This process allows IT administrators like you to keep your end user’s devices up to date by automatically deploying all missing patches. 

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What Is The Purpose Of Patching?

Patching a laptop, tablet, or cell phone is essential for keeping your organizational and personnel data secure. Deploying patches protects against vulnerabilities present in older software versions by helping plug those security gaps. Proper patching also helps you preserve software functionality and compatibility to ensure that end users can complete their essential tasks. 

Patch Management Best Practices

Patch management is essential for organizations of all sizes to enhance their cybersecurity practices. Best practices for your patch management include:

  • Understanding how important patch management is for defending against cyber attacks. 
  • Moving quickly to deploy needed patches to end users’ devices. 
  • Testing patches to ensure compatibility with current software deployments.
  • Exploring automated solutions to save IT Administrators’ time and preserve end user productivity. 

What To Look For In A Patch Management Solution?

How can a busy IT professional like you identify the right patch management solution for their organization? While needs vary between different industries and structures, some common functions can serve as guidance. Any patch management solution you’re assessing should be able to:

  • Deploy patches across all major operating systems, including macOS, Windows, iOS, iPadOS, ChromeOS, and Android. 
  • Provide automated functionality to save time. 
  • Offer reporting and sorting of devices based on current patch statuses. 
  • Deploy patches to both OS and third-party applications. 

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