COVID-19 Device Disinfection and Workspace Hygiene

Tech News

Follow these everyday workspace hygiene tips and specific tips for worksafe disinfection to help reduce the..

Remote Device Management During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Tech News

Committed to reducing the spread of COVID-19, we offer IT management best practices for shifting to remote..

4 Ways to Optimize IT Costs with Asset Management

Tech News

Single-point solutions are the main source of increased costs and reduced agility. See how to transform your..

Improving Customer Support Outcomes Across Team Functions

Tech News

Every FileWave customer has a dedicated Customer Success Representative to advocate for their needs and ensure..

Making the Most of Your Investment with FileWave

Tech News

Custom Fields and Smart Groups are key for maximizing FileWave’s positive impacts and driving IT efficiency.

How to Ensure Your IT Department Remains Agile

Tech News

Siloed technology and complex processes often restrict IT agile response to opportunities. Learn how to..

Benefits of the FileWave Certified Administrator Course

Tech News

Designed to help you get the most from FileWave in the fastest time possible, learn about how the FileWave..

Support The Shift From Student Engagement to Empowerment with IT

Tech News

Technology holds the potential to engage and empower students, but only if supported by a fundamental shift in..

1:1 Computing in 2020: Chromebooks & The Return of the iPad

Tech News

In 2020, we usher in an era no longer dominated by iPad or Chromebooks but instead driven by pedagogy. This..

FileWave 13.2.2 Release

Product Releases

FileWave 13.2.2 provides support for new management features in Apple’s latest OS releases, new Google..

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