1:1 Computing in 2020: Chromebooks & The Return of the iPad

Tech News

In 2020, we usher in an era no longer dominated by iPad or Chromebooks but instead driven by pedagogy. This..

FileWave 13.2.2 Release

Product Releases

FileWave 13.2.2 provides support for new management features in Apple’s latest OS releases, new Google..

Device Recovery in K-12 Schools

Tech News

The ability to track, recover, and remediate lost or stolen devices is critical to support pedagogy and ensure..

How FileWave’s Professional Services Improve Your Tech ROI

Tech News

Armed with industry best practices and knowledge of your specific needs, FileWave Professional Services..

Strategies for Managing a K-12 Blended Device Environment

Tech News

See how IT admins can manage K-12 device environments and support learning outcomes across a mix of student,..

Endpoint Management Resolutions to Make in 2020

Tech News

Want to feel more ‘on top’ of IT in 2020? Here are key endpoint management resolutions to get your management..

Improve Your Endpoint Management Organization With Smart Groups

Tech News

FileWave Smart Groups are a fully customizable framework to help IT administrators see and manage devices...

Optimize IT Across Large, Multi-Site K-12 School Districts

Tech News

Increasingly large school districts with widely dispersed locations require unique solutions for their device..

Apple’s Enterprise Device Growth

Tech News

With the continued growth and differentiation of Apple devices, organizations need to simplify the management..

Leveraging FileWave for Remote iOS and macOS Device Deployment

Tech News

Apple devices' unique imaging requirements can be time-consuming. Here's how FileWave makes iOS and macOS..

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