Leveraging FileWave for Remote iOS and macOS Device Deployment

Published Nov 12, 2019 11:20:04 AM in Tech News

Apple devices' unique imaging requirements can be time-consuming. Here's how FileWave makes iOS and macOS device management simple. 

Fueled by the consumerization of IT, many organizations have been making the shift to Apple iOS and macOS devices. Apple has led the way by switching from “monolithic” system imaging to the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), leading the way in supporting zero-touch deployments that simplify large scale enterprise deployments. Read on to find out how FileWave makes the deployment of your Apple devices even easier.

Apple DEP Simplifies Deployment

Apple DEP is a shift toward an imaging and enrollment process that is automatic and continuous, ditching complicated multi-step processes and making deployment a hands-off experience. Apple DEP takes the operating system out of your environment, shifting the focus to managing the process between users, your organization, and the Apple ecosystem.

As IT administrators know, there is more to deployment than just the base operating system. Users require specific applications, settings, and configurations to be productive and compliant with company standards. Managing devices within Apple DEP, organizations had two options:

  1. Add applications to the base image. Differences in hardware and user roles often led to multiple base images, with an ongoing need to manage each master image as applications are updated.
  2. Deploy only the base OS in the imaging process and complete the deployment of applications via other methods. As you can see, this required extra steps and work, with the possibility that not all devices would receive the necessary apps.

Leveraging FileWave to manage DEP, you can customize software distribution and packaging without all of the extra steps or work.

FileWave Simplifies Deployment Even More

FileWave software distribution targets devices based on Smart Group criteria the admin determines, such as department, user role, or device type. Once set up, the end-user can unbox the new device anywhere in the world knowing that it will be set up with all of the applications they need. During the initial start up, users see only what you want them to see, ensuring they don’t misconfigure or decline important installations or settings.

For Hudl, a leading software company, it is not uncommon to roll out 15 or more new Mac devices per week, distributing those devices to end users who could be in any one of its 14 global offices. With only a 6-person central IT department, FileWave provides Hudl a scalable solution to manage zero-touch deployments of new devices, setting up user profiles, encryption, and applications that will install automatically - no matter where in the world the device is unboxed. 

“As soon as a new device connects to the Internet, it starts pushing apps and services to the computer.” - Reid Alt, Workstation Administrator, Hudl

While manually pushing out devices can take a full hands-on day for only four or five devices, including the customizations still required for zero-touch deployments, FileWave eliminates and automates many steps in the deployment workflow. Like Hudl, Matthews International leverages FileWave to deploy devices in as little as 15 minutes. For global brands, the ability to streamline and standardize deployments and configurations allows IT staff to focus more of their time on value-add projects.

“A zero-touch workflow would not be possible without FileWave." - Dan DeRusha, Workstation Automation & Engineering, Matthews International

Unlike base images, which need constant updating, FileWave can simplify your future management, ensuring patches and updates are distributed when and where they are needed, with automatic self-healing of critical applications that may become misconfigured or corrupted. That’s time savings that extends well beyond deployment. Plus, FileWave can simplify your deployment and management for all your non-Apple devices as well.

Learn more about how FileWave can simplify your macOS and iOS deployment or attend a demo to see the full functionality in action. 

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