How Do I Enroll New Devices With My MDM?

Published Jun 11, 2020 9:33:08 AM in Tech News

Device refresh cycles mean introducing new equipment to your management solution. Here’s how to hit the ground running with your MDM.

New devices are an exciting aspect for workers - unboxing videos are popular online for good reason! But for IT administrators, managing new mobile devices presents another important step of their device management process. Here’s how to get started enrolling new devices with your MDM solution.

Consider Integrating Your MDM Software with Enrollment Programs

Apple’s automated device enrollment programs (formerly DEP, now known as Apple Business Manager & Apple School Manager) are designed to make life easier for IT administrators. They also are the way of the future. 

By integrating these free programs into your device management practices, you can save time and effort with enrolling devices into your system. Newly purchased devices are already enrolled in your program and inventoried before they are initialized, removing a large portion of the manual labor. 

Other device manufacturers are moving to create programs similar to Apple’s that will add consistency and automation for multi-platform organizations. 

Customize Your User Experience

When enrolling new devices, IT admins have an array of options at their disposal to customize the out-of-the-box experience for end users. These can be customized in FileWave based on Smart Group automation to present a unified experience based on device, teams, locations, and more. 

IT admins can even customize what screens users experience during their initial boot-up of a new device. Some users opt for a fully automated experience, so that a new employee can boot up their device before getting a tour of the office. When they return 10 minutes later, the device is fully initialized and ready for use.

Onboarding processes can differ greatly between Apple, Windows, Android, and Chrome devices. While specialized tools exist for each, FileWave brings your management for each into one convenient tool, saving you time and empowering more productivity. 

Secure Devices and Empower Users

The real impacts of enrolling your new devices with your MDM? Keeping your data secure and your employees empowered. Beyond your initial enrollment, imaging, and deployment, your MDM allows you to push new software, update patches, remotely support users, and more. Ready to see how a better MDM solution helps you get the job done? Sign up for a free demo to see the FileWave difference. 

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