2018 FileWave Alliance Conference Recap & Highlights

Published Oct 15, 2018 1:55:00 PM in Events

Find out what you missed at the 2018 FileWave Alliance Conference. 

The 2018 FileWave Alliance Conference marked another large step forward for FileWave as a company. We loved hosting so many customers, partners, sponsors, and employees at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Union Station for our event. In case you missed it, here are five key highlights of the conference.

New CEO: Rolf Anweiler

FileWave is happy to announce our new CEO Rolf Anweiler. He brings 19 years of marketing, sales, and startup experience in the B2B software industry to our team. Founder and former CEO Nurdan Eris will stay with the company as Chairwoman of the Board.

Rolf’s history in marketing and leadership for Mapp Digital, eCircle, and Teradata have us very excited to have him aboard. His focus on an analytical, process-driven mindset for growth strategy will help further improve our customer satisfaction and development for the next growth phase. Rolf made it a priority to meet with every customer he could during the conference and is excited to get to know all the members of the FileWave family.

FileWave 13 Release

We’re stepping into the future with our latest release: FileWave 13. Based on your user feedback, this release unveils our web UI that exists beside the current admin console. While currently focused on reporting, this release lays the groundwork for additional functionality that will be featured as we rapidly expand and enhance the experience. We value our users’ feedback regarding the new UI and look forward to keeping them an active part of our future developments.

FileWave 13 features far more than just the web UI, though. Security enhancements, full feature support for the latest Apple OS releases, and more are bundled in. Learn more by visiting the FileWave 13 release notes.

The Strength of the FileWave Alliance Community

Our customers know that the FileWave Alliance is more than a community - it’s a family. We love how this conference feels like a family reunion and how tight knit our customers have become. Whether it was a lunch discussion, knowledge-sharing in one of our wide-ranging breakout sessions, or chatting over drinks while watching a football game at the Thursday night party - our people are our greatest asset. If you’ve never attended a FileWave event, here’s what you’re missing out on, according to one of our customers.

FileWave’s Educational Use Case

One of the most exciting breakout sessions that highlighted our conference was led by Jeff Botteron of Lafayette Catholic School System. Entitled “Empowering a Student-Led Tech Team,” Jeff’s presentation walked attendees through how he uses FileWave to empower students as tier-1 support for their classmates’ device issues. This is some cutting edge use of FileWave not only to manage devices but also to train the IT Admins of tomorrow. As Botteron discussed in his presentation, it has been a learning process:

“FileWave gives us an incredible amount flexibility for the permissions that we give kids because we can self-correct so quickly.” - Jeff Botteron

FileWave STILL Manages It All

One of our greatest strengths is our truly multi-platform support for endpoint management. By selecting FileWave, you help future-proof your organization should different OS platforms be adopted in the future. As Google begins to open up its APIs, FileWave stands poised to further develop our management capabilities with a new Google-specific development team already in place, driving home the fact that Google Admin Console is not enough. If ChromeOS figures into your organization’s endpoints, FileWave is already the solution you deserve - our capabilities will only grow further with the new API Access.

Thank you to our guests that attended this year’s meeting. If you weren’t able to attend this year, we hope you’ll be able to join us for a future conference. It’s a FileWave Alliance Community event that you don’t want to miss.

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